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  1. Hi there, I'm rather new so let me start of with .....another hi..... not very good with intros so ill get to the point i got some questions for ya......lets begin with a story.......me and a certain friend of mine have been trying to get this lan thing to work.....where both using vbalink ver. 1.8 beta okay....set it up to the point where we can connect fine and dandy, port numbers are awesome timeout is set a 1000 we start up we connect were cool.....okay......now, we start Pokemon (says something about my battery ran dry and time events no longer happen but that's something else) anyway we get to the poke center got to the trading link lady....we talk you her she saves our game then we get to the screen that says waiting , press be to cancel......then nothing happens.......at first me and my friend (she says hi btw via text box) where sitting here chatting then and hour flew by and well still looking at a screen that says waiting press b to cancel and we both get this stupefied look on our faces like okay what the heck......(it may be because were doing this via Hamachi but still.....) can anyone shoot me a clue to tell me what the......what in the world we're doing wrong?
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