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  1. So I am sure all the pros here are sick and tired of a lot of the same old questions on this emulator but alas! I searched around and didn't find any help on my topics, so here we go! adding a second joystick.... I am playing marvel vs capcom 2 on my laptop and outputting via HDMI to my 52" television and my buddies and I wanna play this game specifically. any ideas on mapping out another joytstick? I am using xpadder for joystick #1 btw. also the sound. the background music tends to cut out after about 1 fight or so, and doesn't come back unless I exit back out to the main menu and come back in. Where it will cut out again. NOTE: it is only the background music, and the sound effects still seem to work (some don't however, or sound wierd) I am using the ELSEMI'S aica sound plug in. If I try and use the chankast plug in for audio the game goes into hyper mode and is WAY too fast. (top bar says about 350-400% at any given time) but when I choose this plug in for sound, the game is at perfect speed. (99.98% or so. Anyone know whats up with that?) I am using chankasts video plug in and drk's image reader plug in if that helps. The copy of the game is: Zer-mvc2.cdi I played around with the settings for about 2-3 hours just trying to get nullDC to work in the first place (hence why I am posting at 4:30 am) but i need this game to work flawlessly by tomorrow night. There has been some sh*t talking amongst friends and we need to settle some scores on the MVC2 playing field (and third strike mind you) but I mainly want this game to run flawless.
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