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  1. Alright I guess I would have to look for another image but it would of been nice if there was one available. From what I have looked around there isn't. I was just curious how this person got it to work in nulldc.
  2. ok thanks for the help with the controller and the tv problem. Now when i load up utopia it loads fine until it say please insert cd. I loaded the bin but it didn't work i am not sure if i am doing this right or wrong. EDIT: when I look at the command line window. There is a error when i do that it says Error in .dc/mem/sh4_area0.cpp:WriteMem_area0:169 -> Write to [MPX System/Boot ROM] is not possible, addr=1002,data=b,size=2 I don't know if you know what that means other than it failed. Help is always appreciated! Thanks in advance Road hammer
  3. I when I go to options --> Maple--> Port A I unplug is the only option the other keyboard is disabled on it. When i boot up the boot disk it says that av cables are not compatible to turn off and unplug av cables
  4. Sorry for the double post. I did what you said with direct x but my drivers are upto date and it was a windows vista issue. I forgot to run it with admin credentials. I did boot up normally but it shows up in the music cd section of dreamcast. Also there are no keyboard controls i didn't find anything for controls. Also I tried loading up the bin in nulldc since that is what it is. A bin/cue file in the rar. help would always be appreciated. Road Hammer
  5. thanks for the update. I will see what happens. As soon as I get home I will try that. But I was sure that I updated direct x Road Hammer
  6. Thanks for the help and for clearing up what the GDROM is for. well the version of nulldc that I have is Nullsc 1.0.3 mmu. When I loaded it up with Null it just crash and windows vista pop's up saying that it has stopped working. I also get an error when I start up Nulldc it says that "this applications has failed to start because d3dx9.37.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." Thanks again for your help. Road Hammer
  7. Hello, Thanks for the reply. Well what I mean with downloaded utopia boot disk and I added it to the GDROM. I mean in nulldc there is a option under options. Where you select Image file. I was looking around on the internet and I thought it would of worked. Since many people were saying that it might need a selfboot file. i thought it would of taken care of it. I am new to emulators and I just wanted to play the game. I hope I am not too much of a bother. Thanks for the help/sorry for the misunderstanding Road Hammer
  8. Hello, First off I would like to say if this post is in the wrong section I am sorry. Now, I downloaded Tokyo Bus Guide game and was going to try it out. The file that I downloaded was a bin/cue. I noticed that in nulldc there was a option to load bin so I did select that. I also downloaded utopia boot disk and I added that to the GDRom. But it just decided to crash. Instead of working. I know that I did something wrong since I saw on youtube.com that someone did get it to work. I don't know if it is because I am running windows vista. but it is a possibility. So could someone please lend a hand it would be really appreciated or tell me what I did wrong. Thanks in advance Road hammer
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