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  1. Finally, i tested with fullset updated!


    Great update, + T +!


    Thank you!!


    Some hacks of KOF don´t work... it´s normal? (it´s not a big deal for me.. i´m just testing...)


    A request :

    Can you make a Controller´s config like FBA xxx 1.28? It helps a lot to config Arcade joypad.. SFII joypad.. etc...


    I am very happy with the progress of the emulator! Merry Christmas!:D

  2. I´m downloading the FBA 2.97.13 fullset... Not finding the set of 2.97.12...

    Will it work?

    Most games will but a few will have changed. You'll have to use the DATs to find out exactly what you have and what you're still missing. The next build of FBL will use the ROM set.

    Thanks for the answer!

    So I'll continue the download. :D:P

  3. And about FB Legends 2.0 Definitive F**king Version! ??


    If FBL ever advances to the point where it is a significant enough improvement over the 1.x releases, only then would the version increase to 2.x. I believe that version numbering should actually reflect progress and not just be a means of generating hype.


    Next release is still going to be v1.6. ;)

    I'm just kidding ... :D


    I'm super excited about the new version! I even bought a new control thinking in this new version!



    Sega Saturn Style! ;)

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