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  1. yes, i did..but i have already updated the emulater to the latest version..and the onlything i haven't done yet is the satconv thing..
  2. ok..thanks and sorry for not creating a new topic before..i just did..
  3. first i would like to apologize for not creating a new topic first for my questions..i'm kinda desperate and i forget, for that i'm sorry.. i can't manage to play dragon force on ssf..even if updated..i have live 6 to 8 difrente roms, with diferent regions and still can't play it..it starts to boot and then it resets to the bios menu..and it doesn't give me any error message..can someone help me please??
  4. if someone can play the dragon force rom in other emulator (wich i tried several times too) please telm me wich emulator and witch setup configurations..please i need some help with this..
  5. can someone please help me..i'm desperate..i have the ssf emulator ver. 009 alpha r4..i'm playing one of my favorite saturn rpg's, shining force 3..so far so good..the game runs very good..i can play other games like shining the holy ark wich i tryed out too..but i tried to play dragon force and i just can't..it loads the saturn emulator bios wichever i choose, but it wont go any furder..it resets..i tried almost every region, bios, difrent region roms combination and i just can't play..can someone please help me??
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