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  1. What games exactly? Anything small (and free) that I could get my hands on? Sure. The only free one I am playing right now is Rumble Fighter. found here: http://rf.ogplanet.com/ I think my friend who tried this with MapleStory also had the same problem. I'm pretty sure the game is blocking port access because when I try Win2Ds, the game itself stop showing on the DS's screens after the title screen and just kind of sits there frozen until I alt tab. This has been working perfectly for ePSXe and ZSNES though.
  2. All versions of DS2Key has worked fine for me. Except when trying them out on certain games. Once I'm in the game the none of the controls work. I try it in windowed mode and I can see the info being sent to the ds2key server but not doing anything to the game itself. Sad. Any ideas?
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