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  1. I cant run the PSX games; just black screen comes up and no loading indicater it remains long time just black.


    Anybody knows why? Is the psx core not running yet?

    For the rest all working perfect !



    not sure, psx works well for me i'm using coinops 2 full pack updated to r7 by over writing the files....


    everything works well.

  2. So is it settled, everyone will stop fighting if it gets an About Coinops option where you can see credits and so on?


    The idea of having the emulator used after each game is going overboard but an About Coinops is a nice idea and those who care will use it, most won't but at least it's there if people want to know who did what.

  3. Did you ever get the Commodore 64 emulation working? I always found when I tried to run a game it went to the cheat screen loader/crack and asked me to press Y or N to enable cheats, something I wasn't able to do on the control pad.

  4. I couldn't agree more, I don't see why they need to loudly express their feelings, they're welcome to move on, if they don't like Coinops, don't use it, go bother some other emulator/front ends creator or seeing you know how it's best done, make your own, oh that's right, you're incapable of doing so!


    A word for the vocal : silence


    Constructive criticism is fine, abusing someone verbally because you don't agree isn't.

  5. Glad that locks talk is over, I don't see why anyone complains about what BP does, he does it all for our benefit and at no cost. If he wants locks, locks it is... stop your complaining.


    I don't even understand why anyone wouldn't want the console games, heaps of them are awesome. I was very pleased when console support was added.


    Can't wait for 2.1!


    Thanks BP

  6. Sorry to be a noob but I'm new to coinops with this release. Is there a simple install guide somewhere for us first timers?


    I've got various emulators and roms already on my xbox but I really want to make a clean start on this one and make a dedicated 'coin-ops' box so any help would be much appreciated.





    Just FTP it into your F:\Games directory, it will automatically show up and you're right to go, you don't need to do anything else.

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