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  1. Hello again members of 1Emulation.com, i seem to be having difficulty running a PS2 emulator (pscx2) on my windows Vista (the only computer in my house with a powerful enough graphics card). I have set up the program so that it starts the initial screen that occurs before the actual game begins. However, (I'm using a Grandia Extreme [compatable] Mds file) halfway through the animation, it pauses, makes a wierd sound, finishes the animation and then stops running. Has anyone experienced this? If so can you help me with this problem? thanks!
  2. i did a search after my post and found that someone had a similar problem, but solved it themselves by removing a dc_flash_wc.bin file. I did that and found it to work. I'll try and find another source for finding armada and cannon spike. thanks for your help!
  3. Hello members of 1emulation... I am sorry to burst in on my first day of membership, but i have no other way of gaining the information I seek. I would greatly appreciate it if you would give me the least bit of your attention. That aside, here is my situation... i currently possess on my windows Vista the following programs: Nulldc emulator (complete with bios and functioning) several additional game files including grandia II, psychic force, armada*, cannon spike*, and, of course skies of arcadia, all as Cdi files *Note: These files also are not working, but I now wish to focus on skies of arcadia. Now the problem is, when I start up the Nulldc program and start up skies of arcadia, there is no error message or anything, but after the dreamcast animation, it simply shows me a blank screen, and the music starts up. However, if I press the A button, the music stops and the screen turns black. nothing changes from that point. is this a fixable problem, or must i search for a new SoA file? edit* - Oh, never mind all the previous stuff, it seems that one of the fies had to be removed (some flash bin thingy) anyway, cannon spike might run woth this problem gone, but armada.cdi acts like a regular music cd (and a dirty one at that) will this problem be fixed or is there something i'm missing?
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