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  1. If you're studying I suggest a good study group. Good as in no one dicks around or leeches off other people's work. I find it helpful to discuss material with other peers who are serious about it. Just talking about the material will show how much you understood it, with other peers, they might reveal information that could prove to be helpful for the test or paper. Then again this only works for certain classes for me at least, with math it's a bit different but if you stick to good study groups you'll definitely find someone who's very knowledgeable about the material.

  2. I read that when you play single player the woman is a complete and total tit... Like she gets in the line of fire and constantly get her head kicked in - i will get it as long as the AI of the woman who is with you does not make the game frutrating...

    In my experiences she's never been in the way when shooting or doing puzzles. You can even tell her to do simple commands like stay put. If you're still uneasy with the ai then just play co-op, the game's way better when you do.

  3. With this new version coming out I'm strongly thinking of picking one up. Just the fact that it's a ps3 that's 300 bucks is good enough for me. Sure it doesn't have BC, but I haven't gotten a chance many ps3 games that I wanted to play ever since I've had my 360. Coolest thing is that it comes out next month.

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