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  1. Ok, I think I got it to work. I set it with custom with these settings Video mode: custom res: 1280 X 1024 32 bpp special scaler: hq3x stretch to fill screen Wow, I must say, everything looks ALOT better with this hq3x stuff! Finaly got full mode by hiding my taskbar though. I still say it is ridiculous and needs to be made a lot simpelr but whatever. Anyways, can somone PLZ check out my guide??? I worked hard on it and would like some feedback. SO any LOZ players out there plz help me out thanks! My graphics card is a Nividia GEFORCE 9300 so yeah, that explains why the 300 resolution thing wont work. Thanks though! This site rocks!
  2. Argh it wont work! I seems to try to go to full screen mode, but then just goes back to regular! Can someone please describe to me step by step what to do? EDIT: Ok, now I am really frustrated. I tried setting the video mode to 1280 x 1024 5x 4y and it gives me this error DirectDraw: error creating secondary surface I also tried setting custom to my screen res but it just stays in a black box on the upper left hand corner of my screen and still plays the game. I can't see anything but it still plays. THis is honestly ****ing retarded, the emulator should just have an option to go full screen, not have me **** around with stupid options that make the user confused. JNES will go full screen for me perfectly fine. I just click on it in a menu and it goes full screen. That is how FCEUX should handel things. Sorry to rant, but I am angry, I have tried everything and nothing will work.
  3. The emu has the video mode set on custom which has a res of 320 by 240 with 8 bps. I tried setting it to full screen with the video mode option but it did not work when i tried full screen.
  4. Hi I'm trying to get my emu to go full screen but it won't. it keeps giving me the following error message whenever I try DirectDraw: Error setting display mode. Can anyone help me out? Also, I made a guide for the Legend of Zelda Parallel Worlds. It is not complete yet, but I have the entire first quest done, among other stuff. I would like some people to view the guide and use it to see how it is/ give me suggestions. I coud also use help for a lot of stuff from anyone willing to help out. Thank you for your time. If you want the guide, just tell me here and I will include a megaupload link. Oh yeah, **** Gamefaqs moderators (is swearing allowed?)
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