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  1. If you already have the code on your pc all you need to do is run gcc config.c key.c main.c -lXtst -o ds2key in /DS2Key.Server/DS2Key and it should compile. Make sure you have the Xtest extensions installed. Apparently, I both don't have Xtest extensions, and any idea what they are. My apt-get has never heard of them, and I think I'll just wait for the binaries - apt-get can't find DevkitARM either. EDIT: Looks like I've found Xtest - I needed to install the "xorg-dev" package, which included it. I'll use an older version of the DS client (I've got 0.5, and it's connecting fine. )
  2. Please please please please please provide binaries (preferably for my Linux PC)! I simply cannot figure out how to compile the thing...
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