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  1. No i did not config the vmu as you suggested; problem solved. Thanks alot, now i am good to go! (For anyone having this same issue here is how to format vmu). Open nulldc select 'normal boot' select 'No Disk' when 'select image dialog box' appears. This opens up the setup screen for DC. Select 'File' config your vmu (1) (2) here. Your Done! Thanks again!
  2. ok, thanks for the reply. I have set the vmu under 'select plugins'. I am testing this with shenmue 2, so i am wondering if this is a game issue? When i save in-game it says 'save successful'. However when i try and load the game it says there is no save file.
  3. could someone point me to a thread explaining how to save games. I am using nullDC v1.0.3
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