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  1. I'm new to the whole win2ds thing i have a lot of questions that i cannot find answers to. all i can go up to is starting up Win2DS and connecting is my real problem here. 1. First i have the first DS version (Fat one) and as far as i can go, all i can do is access win2ds. When i press auto connect it immediately says "Cannot Connect." I've tried Manual connection and it gets stuck at "Waiting..." when i input the passwords here is what i have done: -I have downloaded and patched win2ds and started up the server. -I've input the IP address for my manual connection -I DO NOT have a Wi-Fi usb stick -I have a computer and laptop that do not work for either -I have input the right IP for my DS -Is the Nintendo DS Built in with Wi-Fi connection to my router or do i need a program or Wi-Fi Usb stick to be abel to connect to my router? If any of you can point out one of these problems i might have with my internet,firewall, router, etc -Norton Security is always on -I've port forwarded 8888 UDP on my firewall -My Router is password protected (Is that whats interfering?) -I turned off my firewall (if necessary) -My Win2DS will not connect If any of you understand any of these problems OR if i'm missing something, please reply with a solution and sorry if this is a newb topic. If these question have been answered please tell me where i can find it.
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