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  1. CPS3 games wont work in FBL on any xbox infact no 128mb games work in FBL but according to BP CPS3 and a good few other 128MB games will

    work in coinops


    there that's all cleared up then :-D


    "according to BP CPS3 and a good few other 128mbMB games will work in ConOps"

    I smell bullshit !


    Doesn't ConOps just shortcut to other emulator cores (created by other people), for emulation outside of Mame 0.84 roms ?

    For instance, the CPS3 roms can be played with CPX3a emulator, which when released a long time ago, was a revelation.

    Check out ConOps shortcut files and see what is actually emulating what !


    Don't believe the hype.

  2. Agree with the post's by Weinerscnitzel and +T+.

    Pretty much covers what i was going to say.

    Xbox-scene fell all over themselves when the 360 was released, possibly imagining the future possibilities of the 360 scene based on the previous performance of the Xbox 1 scene.

    Didn't quite work out that way did it ?


    Very few (old) 360's capable of JTag, the new RGH that will boot after waiting from 5 secs to 2 mins for the hack to work, if it does of course based on reports of it working 1 in 4 times on average.

    Pulsing the chip, like it does, can't be a good thing long term, we shall see.

    Poor Homebrew/Emulator support, which is only available to the old, rare and over priced JTag's and the very glitchy RGH.

    Then we have Wasabi and Xkey360 for the 360, both optical drive emulators that can only play retail titles from external HDD's and no Homebrew.

    So all in all expensive hacks/mods whichever you choose, in some cases unreliable too.

    As Microsoft admitted, dropping support for Xbox so early was a mistake, one they won't be repeating.

    Same for Xbox scene, the old Xbox was it's bread and butter. You only reap what you sow.


    Just my opinion of course, though i am looking at Wasabi or Xkey360 for myself.

    For Homebrew/Emulators i'll stick with the old Xbox.

  3. i'll take a guess here and say not many people bothered with this compile of the latest sources available.

    The reason - everyone is waiting for the compile from IQ_132 with the new game additions coupled with any other fixes he adds.

    Just a guess obviously !


    Once those sources are released then added to the 1.0 sources, then i see interest in this version.

  4. A new revision of this skin with a few changes and a few additions.

    Delete the previous skin and clean install this new revision to avoid conflicts.

    HD 720P users only im afraid.

    Supports 2d artwork, 3d artwork.

    Use with or without video previews, usefull for smaller HDD's using Action shots.

    Support for the "sprite trick" to gain Xtra quality in the skin.

    Its not real HD the "sprite trick" so i call it "HQ".

    Forgot previews in this package but the ini's explain themselves well enough.



  5. Had a quick play with the deadzone values, more positive values had no effect, maybe worse in fact.

    Negative values (in incrememnts of 0.20) had much better responses, i went all the way down to -2.0 (in increments).

    Seems i was getting somewhere, however, at rest the crosshair still insisted on the edge of the screen,

    so i plugged in my pad and had the same issue except this time, at rest, the cross hair returns to the bottom left corner

    which im presuming, perhaps wrongly, is X=0,Y=0.

    Something to consider is maybe have the cross hair, at rest, default to the center of the screen instead ?

    Center values based on screen res, obviously.

    Another thing i did notice whilst using the gun, if i aim dead center, the cross hair hovers below and to the left by a good few inches on a large tv.

    So i summised that the emulation is offsetiing my center aiming to the 0,0 location (bottom left), so if i aimed high and right the cross hair would be close to the center, however it wouldnt hold steady it insisted on reaching the edge of the screen and staying there, it would stay there till i made another move in the opposite direction to which it would track but still make its way to the edge of screen.

    Perhaps have a look at centering and we can go from there ?

  6. @ +T+

    Was messing with my LightGun last night but had issues with screen tracking.

    Everything appears to be ok except when the onscreen cross hair tracks the movements it has sluggish behaviour.

    For instance, once i move the gun from the initial center the cross hair rests on the edge of the screen, whether it be left, right, top or bottom depending on where i moved it.

    I then move the gun in the opposite direction and the cross hair takes a second to actually move but then tracks 2 - 3ins behind where im aiming, slowly, then rests at the edge of the screen where i was aiming.

    I did notice also that the cross hair never returns to center at any time during no movement / at rest.

    I have increased the cursor speed, which as we would expect makes the onscreen cross hair move faster across the screen but still not in synch with the actual gun movements, the lag still exists.

    Gonna try messing with the deadzone values this afternoon but wanted some advice really regarding the deadzone values to try.

  7. My list of things to do is getting shorter. What's taken more time than I anticipated is looking at where the updated FB Alpha code was impacting performance and making changes that allow FBL to keep all the new driver improvements and added games while maintaining the performance of past builds. This has gone extremely well but has also been extremely time consuming where my time was already quite limited. I've got one more driver that I need to look at (Darius 2), a few minor tweaks here and there, and then that will be FBL1.6. (That's assuming there isn't another release of FB Alpha in the meantime)


    Well done mate, well worth the wait.

    Appreciate your work ethic.

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