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  1. I'm not going to act like either site is particularly right or wrong. If they want to code illegal emulators, let them. Just don't treat them like their actions are perfectly acceptable, because then they become the norm, and when illegal emulators are the norm, the emulation scene becomes little better than, say, pc warez. Multiple people know i run a site of dubious content, and hold a high position on another. This is my decision to lead the site in that direction, and to support the other site. But we aren't going to attempt to validate ourselves as a legitimate authority on emulation. We know our places, and we will stay there. For the most part, the point of my post is, i'm glad you're picking a full side. I hear you're attempting to make your site more acceptable by taking down links to illegal matierial, and now you've stopped supporting cassini. As long as this goes along with your desires, i applaud you, gamecop. As i've said, neither side of the legal wall is either right or wrong in my eyes, but as long as you try not to be on both sides, i don't really have a problem with any site. I see you've taken a fully legal side, and i completely support this movement. Its sites that stay on both sides, mixing the two, all the while trying to make it big, that anger me most. The two sides are seperate, and should remain so. --DarkKnight aka l3illyl3ob
  2. assuming you're speaking of ngemu, what copyrighted images do they have? To defend NGemu, this isn't about community or anything like that, but it's to uphold what they stand for. If they don't want to link to this site because it'll enable many more people to obtain files illegally, then i'm willing to support them on that.
  3. Just to let you know, we just recently upgraded to Gekko ver 7. Just type !help to see the commands, there's too many to sift through to list the important ones.
  4. the Dreamcast can play burned games without modding, so people still very commonly use it for this reason. OGMs are relatively knew, but are growing greatly, and is a great multi-audio video format used quite extensively in anime dvd-rips today. So is.mkv, which is a similar format. I hope you allow those two .
  5. the most extensive rules i've ever seen for a network, nice . A few questions, i know it's not exactly my right to be requesting rule changes and the such, but under the reccomended hub rules, you list cdi and ogm has reccomended bad file formats. OGM is a popular video format that has multiple audio tracks and subtitle support built in, making it popular for foreign media like anime. cdi format is a very popular format for dreamcast games, which are quite popular across DC. the cdi format has been chosen because disc juggler best handles the multi-track formats of dreamcast images that are used. dont take any of these as requests or demands, just humble selections from a fellow dc op . BTW, sDC doesn't extend to emu-network, does it? I always like op-centered dc clients .
  6. how about this: no sodomy whatsoever. are we still homophobes? Gamecop, that no porn rule applies to all hubs, or is it just a guideline type of deal?
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