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    I am guessing that I can only connect to one computer because both computers share the same IP address... I think... but I don't know why I can't connect to the computer which is connected straight to the modem (family computer) and only the computer in my room... haha I don't know how this all works =S Can some smart guy help me!!
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    Hey guys, I finally got win2ds working it took me all day haha... it appeared I had downloaded the wrong server. BUT... theres just one problem... I have two computers on the same network and I can only connect to the remote computer... I have entered every freaking IP address that I can find in command prompt! The only computer I can connect to is the remote one... which is the computer in my room... but I want to connect to my family computer that my whole family uses and freak them out by moving the cursor around and stuff remotely. ITS BEEN DRIVING ME CRAZY trying to get it to work!!! I have installed the server on both computers and I have tried everything I can think of! Please can some kind people help me! Thankyou VERY much!
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