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  1. when i run the browser all it shows sega and then thats it just a black screen after in the window with all the code it says this Mapped 0x00600000 to 0x007FFFFF to ram Mapped 0x00400000 to 0x005FFFFF to ram trying to use 32b Z buffer failed trying to use 24b Z buffer failed (then it loads it) error in .\dc\mem\sh4_internal_reg.cpp:writeMem_area7:732 (repeated one more time) error in .\dc\mem\sb.cpp:sb WriteMem:423 (repeated 5 times) error in .\dc\mem\sh4_internal_reg.cpp:RegSRead:84 DIV32s match 1% 0x8c00CF78 (repeated once more) Div matched 100% x8C00CF7E (repeated once more) (then repeats all of these) i probably have to change something but i dont know
  2. r u supposed to do something when the two symbols pop up? from mvc2 and dzripper
  3. k it shows the sega sign and two mvc2 symbols came up and it was messing up so im thinking it my mvc2 ver. just wondering if it is and *******@gmail.com send me your copy of mvc2 tytyty for everthing Mod edit: email removed to protect you from spambots. Never type your email address without obfuscation on a public messageboard. And no, you are not allowed to ask other member to send you anything illegal on this board - this includes disc images.
  4. anyone have any ideas like to change something in the nulldc.cfg file to make the black screen go away or and plugin changes(graphics i tried doesnt work)
  5. i fiddled around and i got everything started and no errors but all it shows is a black screen and i kept deleting the dc_flash_wb and still black, look at this one problem after another wowowowow when will it work
  6. yo it doesnt work must be a video card or something wrong with my pc but thanks for everything man i would be nowhere ty
  7. could be because they open with vlc player?? and if so how do i take that off
  8. ya it didnt work so it must be my bios do u noe where a good bios is??
  9. can u just give me the link to where u got your mvc2
  10. k i did that and it crashes right when the black screen pops up and in the other screen it says a bunch of errors first it says mapped (bunch of numbers) *(bunch of numbers) ram
  11. im using 1.00 beta 1 and it crashes right when the screen goes into fullscreen and the game is right about to start
  12. im using nulldc and i got working but it says encountered a problem and is closing
  13. k well i decided to go the nulldc and i got everything working but right when it starts up it says program cannot respond and exits does this with all games and i am up to date with wat u said and the read me file says
  14. now it says image couldn't load which is the bin file that has been converted into a .cdi file and it says in the black box mds-file nrg-file cannot open those files (e:)
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