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Posts posted by ryukengold

  1. I can't get any of the newer games working for neoragex  :D


    Ok got some games from neogamez and


    Samurai_Shodown_V (Works)

    Snk_vs_Capcom_Chaos_Plus  (Works)

    Metal_Slug_5  (I get a red screen with words  :P ) Can't play it

    Metal Slug 5 works if you replace the P1 with a hacked one. Go get it from NeoGamez.

    OK downloaded hxxp://www.neogamez.net/Downloads/Utilidades/mslug5_p1.zip and added it. Now it lets me play but all the colors are messed up. Very glitchy and tons of black :D


    Do I have to do any kind of renaming? All the files are named 268_ except for the new p1 I added mslug5_p1.rom


    Here is screen capture



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