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  1. A couple of years ago I built an arcade cabinet, thinking mostly of using an XBox. I was going to use original XBox controllers for the job, but I ended up using 2 mad catz PS2 controllers. You can buy those controllers cheap (7.99), and in most cases, they are easier to solder than an XBox controller. The main advantage is that you can use converters for a lot of different consoles. I have 2 Madrics converters with outputs for XBox, Game Cube and PC, and another converter for Dreamcast. This way I can have XBox, PS1, PS2, Game Cube, Dreamcast and PC on my arcade cabinet. And there's a lot more converters for the PS2 controller (Saturn, PS3, XBox360). Just be careful about cheap converters, because they can be quite laggy.

  2. I was joking about stars I know who voted it down they always do this stuff and think people will take notice ..... they even vote themselves as 5 stars and no one looks at there stuff ....


    ill think about xbox xbes its pretty easy to add .... id recommend you give me a list of arcade games and launchable stuff like xbmc


    PM Sent :P

  3. rating of 2 stars..... people must think coinOPS suxs by looks


    thought of destroying coinops name due to massive amount of handheld/console games now supported.....wierd to see it winning


    showcase included Street Fighter III third strike :P but that is all the CPS3 that comes with it


    ill think about xbe launching ....its pretty easy to do... anything you want in particular?


    I'm using CoinOPS in my arcade cabinet, so launching the XBox games from CoinOPS would be great, just like any other rom. No special options, just being on the list with either a screenshot or a video preview.


    As for stars... I built my cabinet before CoinOPS existed, so I used FBA-XXX and MamedOX. After that I tried CoinOPS and never changed again. Sure, there are other interesting emulators, but I have all of my favorite arcade games in just one emulator. No other emu allows me to have in the same list Gunstar Heroes and Mars Matrix, or Streets of Rage and ActRaiser. The only way to make this even better is to be able to start Dead or Alive extreme (1 and 2), DoA 3, Soul Calibur 2, and other great XBox fighters.

    Don't look at stars, look at people that actually use CoinOPS.

  4. now this is what i call a umkt hack for the genesis that is but still bloody good.


    Its a interesting hack, but I still prefer, and recommend, MK Trilogy.

    Not only does it look a bit better, but it sounds a LOT better.


    Back on topic:


    BP, what's the font you used for the CoinOPS logo?

    I'll try to make a skin for myself, just like yours, but with the font in red instead of blue, because my arcade cabinet is in black and red.

  5. hi everyone ive been away for a while does any of these CoinOps have full speed mortal kombat games like ultimate mk 3 etc etc?


    Nope, none.


    My suggestion is: PCSX with Mortal Kombat Trilogy. It's a bit slow on the loadings, but it's great fun to have such a huge roster of characters.

  6. @ 85% in over 36 hrs.

    The reason its this bad im guessing is cause users are downloading but not sharing back.

    Thats not the way torrents work.



    uTorrent is now "unlimited", with an average of 65KB/s of upload.

    The speed may be low because of a lot of new peers in recent hours.

  7. can some one send me a link to download de coinops R2 please?

    i dont find any link y all topic why you send for mp an not put a public link in the firts post of this topic?

    if you can send me i will be very grateful to you.


    Because the board rules don't allow for links...


    CoinOPS Reignite Showcase is out now in torrents... a simple google search will do the trick :)

  8. Congratulations BP and iq on you work in CoinOPS.


    With the compatibility list growing so much, and future SNES and maybe genesis games, this will soon be the default app in my arcade cabinet.

    I just wish we could launch xbox games from CoinOPS. It would be great to see Street Fighter Aniv., Dead or Alive and Soul Calibur 2 in my games list on CoinOPS (not sure if it's possible though).

  9. I was drawn to coinops after seeing it used an a xbox install of XBMC - and I must say I was quite impressed.

    But I do have a newb question for you about coinops. Can it be run from a PC install of xbmc, or is it solely for the xbox variant? Thank you!



    CoinOPS and XBMC are independent. CoinOPS is an XBox application, and XBMC is also an application that can also work as a dashboard (or frontend).

    You can run CoinOPS on any modded XBox, with any dashboard (XBMC, EvoX, Avalaunch). In essence, no, it won't work on a PC.

  10. Question time

    1) I need to know do people like the Settings in Reignite or Ignite better (as I simplified them in reignite) I need to know this please


    2 )Also should I release the full build now or wait a while as iq_132 is working a shit load of majic on CoinOPS at present but its going to take time to do the work and to make sure it all works and by time I mean weeks if not months not days?



    I liked Ignite a lot, and it was a bit strange to use reignite's new options, but it was just a matter of habit. All the essential options are still there.


    As for the release, you could release the full build now, and later a kind of patch (or a R1) with those perfected drivers.

  11. Also SHOWCASE has more bug fixes than STANDALONE ( the worst one is there is a little bit of a mem leak in CPS2 cause some glitches in the virtual mem and stuters occasionally, I fixed this and other little issues)


    It's amazing to see how much effort you put into every release.


    I can't wait for this new release. I'm pretty sure it's going to be something really special.


    Thank you for all you work B)

  12. I don't see the difference downloading an 8gig of a 10gig pack, I think a lot of people would prefer a complete package rather than a cutback one. Especially if it ends up being a torrent.


    I can test it also, I have a .134 complete romset.


    Yes, but remember it's harder for the initial uploaders to bring a package that big, and do you really need those many games? I'd rather have only 500 games, all of them top notch games, than 1500 miscellaneous games (some good, some bad). Cycling through 1500 games, even in CoinOPS can be quite boring. Even if you can narrow to the first letter, there might be a lot of games starting with that letter. And I'm not sure about you, but I assembled my arcade cabinet 1 year ago, and when CoinOPS Gold came out, I downloaded it with the full romset (over 100 roms). Even to this day, I'm still deleting/removing games I don't like. With a 10GB huge pack, you'd spend the rest of time either browsing through a huge gamelist, or deleting rubbish games.


    Just my 2 cents :P

  13. OK I need an FTP access and a testers... any offers PM me, darknoir has but we may have translation issues with that though.


    5 days till I can help assemble a full build... at present ill release the 8GIG version but ive done an 800 game build but its 10gigs. Do we want it larger the games get worse and worse as it gets bigger?


    It's always good to have a lot of games, but 800+ games might be way too much, and you'll end up with a big pack with a lot of rubbish games that nobody plays. The 8Gb version will be more than enough, and if there's any really good game missing, people can always download it. That's what the DAT files are for.


    If necessary, I can help you test it (I suppose you are referring to test every game to see if it boots).

  14. I to want to add some of the top games........ about 5-6 and about 3-4 to FBA as CoinOPS core wont have the grunt to run them.


    Do you have an offical old roms build of mine darknior and are you willing to run every game once to see it boots before release (this takes about 5 hours) as I need to know the rom set is 100percent working all the rest will be



    I'm really looking forward for this release (The Big One, with roms and videos).


    I have DIY arcade cab with a XBox, FBA, and of course, CoinOPS Ignite. So far it has worked very well, apart from a couple of games freezing on load, but a simple reset usually does the trick.


    And the sheer quantity of supported games it astonishing. I have over 1000 games right now, and I never even played half of them.

    Just the prospect of a release with all of those videos makes me wet my pants :)


    So, just dropped by to leave a big Thank You :)


    And of course, keep up the good work :P

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