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  1. Noticed Tee Off's Intro freezes, but if you press start as soon as the intro starts up, the rest of the game seems to be perfect.
  2. mmm tried that I'm going to give it another go today when I woke up a bit , thanks for replyin tho. Ahhh just tried that thanks Wizard. going to love nulldc now. One other question, is it pos to get rid of the menu bar in fullscreen mode.
  3. Hi all, Luving NUlldc 1.0.3. I've got an original dreamcast gamepad, and a pc magic boc to conntect it to my pc. I have been trying XPadder. I have the gamepad configured in XPadder, but how do you get XPadder to work with Nulldc?
  4. just google for the dlls, click on the first link. Then download it unzip it into your windows/system directory
  5. Been waiting for a decent Dreamcast emulator for years, I used to own the console. But had to sell it at the time. Got very ecxcited when chankast emulator was released. Then dismayed as it seems to have been discontinued. Then learned about NullDC fantastic! really wish it had gamepad support. I still got an original gamepad and a pc magicbox to connect it to my pc (obviously). Read on one website they rushed out 1.0.3 , I might be wrong. Hope they have gamepad support in next version. And I really hope NullDC doesnt go the same way chankast. And the never released Icarus emulator. A Dreamcast emulator is long overdue, specially when u consider they'r working on ps2 emulator already.
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