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  1. I didn't get lucky to score 0, in fact i was very very lucky to get it even more if you consider that I was half sleep and half awake when I did it the test ( 3 AM ) Besides the zero, before the best score that I had it was 0.21
  2. No Well At least I don't think so
  3. In a galaxy a long, long time ago... I was training with my bro Yoda. Yoda was a great fighter, but still he couldn't beat me. He tried to beat me in every possible way, until some day, after he had trained for 6 consecutive months without a rest, he came to me and said: "To kick the crap out of you I am ready" From that day on I wouldn't ever doubt of him... LOL EDIT: Geez, pretty weird stuff u end up making when it's almost 3 AM here Anyway... I wonder why I usually don't play FPS games? After the test I think I might give it a shot at some of them http://paginas.terra.com.br/lazer/paginate...magem/index.htm
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