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  1. Hi I'm having trouble getting 'Metal Gear Solid 1 PAL English' to work with my (Orginal, not slim) PAL PS2. I'm using Breaker Pro 1.1 and Slidecard combo. The disks I use are 'CD-R Sony 700MB'. I've tried 3 different downloads of the game and 3 different disks (I've also tried an NTSC version of the game, but that one doesn't even boot). So I'm pretty certain there's nothing wrong with the actually files or disks. Whenever I use the slidecard trick, it boots the CD, but when the 'Piracy Message' comes up in blue writing, it just freezes and nothing happens. I've even left it for 5 minutes and it just sits there. This is the only game I'm having trouble with. All my other games that I have downloaded work perfectly. I've burnt all the disks with CloneCD, I've burnt the .ccd file in all the versions. I've chosen the 'Game CD' option on CloneCD. I really have no clue as to what the problem is. I seem to be doing everything correctly and it just does not want it. Any help would be appreciated.
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