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  1. I followed this but all my games come up as audio CDs. what am i doing wrong :[ i tested them in nullDC, they all work but dont work in my dreamcast D; EDIT: I got half life to work. now i cant get sonic adventure to work
  2. I burn them the right way on CDs and everytime i put it in the system, they it says INSERT DISC D: what am i doing wrong
  3. Okay. i downloaded the utopia boot disk so just incase i need it :] Im DIEING to play sonic adventure 2 i beat the i think remake on the Gamecube "sonic adventure 2 battle" i think its just a multiplayer version of it. thanks! EDIT: also how do i burn them? i was just messing around trying to burn it to a DVD it figure out how to burn it. and it wouldnt burn. so i converted it to a ISO. would that mess it up?
  4. You CAN burn and play dreamcast games without a modchip with a cdr. but do i need a boot disc if im not going to be playing PAL games? I doubt im going to play any PAL games. but do i need it or not. just need to know before i go buy some CDRs
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