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  1. Okey dokey but ill have to get a pandoras battery off ebay or something though, i know ive seen several.Thanks alot Ill let you know if i have more trouble.
  2. Yes your tutorial was the first article i had read on this site and it would seem i realy DO need custom firmware ,But im terrified of downgrading, and is their another way to do it without the pandora battery(im sorry if im bothering you guys but im technilogicaly impared )
  3. Ive been reading on the forums for a couple of days about this ,but all i seem to get is outdated info,So i was wondering if anyone has actualy seen how this works,or if everyone here use custom firmware?and if someone has seen how it works it would be greatley appreciated if you could tell me how to do it.... LEGALY. I own a psp slim and its upgraded to 3.93 thanks i advance
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