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  1. hey guys, long time reader first time poster here. so I pretty much had the double disk swap method down for playing some of my backups and imports, but i sold my ps1. I just got a ps1(a year later) and on the bottom the number is 7001. The original ps1 games I have been trying to use are FF:anthology, FF 7,8,9, and FF Tactics. NONE OF THESE WILL WORK!! I know im doing the method right! When I get to the last step where you swap the disks right as the screen goes black and 90% of the time it just stays black. 9% of the time (only with FF tactics and anthology) I get a really distorted piracy warning. and the last 1% is when it loaded the distorted piracy warning, it actually loaded the game but it was bery distorted... I have litereally tried it over 100 times and that the closest ive gotten. I know i burnt my games right with alcohol 120%. Could it be possible that since all my games are made by squaresoft/square enix, they all have piracy protection or something?(all my games have black bottoms) Thanks in advance for the help, Legacy
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