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  1. i'm just tired of having to read and read and read faqs, forums, readme files, websites.. and translating websites for answers just to do a simple process.. Play my games! that's all i want. I dont want to frig around with the programming and dat files. I want it as simple as a few clicks and i'm up and playing. but nooooooo, not with those programs, we have to spend weeks every few months to get everything up and running again just because kawaks or nebula may decide to change what they expect to see there. getting so sick of that.
  2. why is it none of my roms work with current kawaks and nebula versions? they use to on older versions of the software. hell, i have like over 50 roms of neo geo games and not one can i get to work. when i use romcenter to look at this stuff (yes, after loading up the dat that kawaks would generate), romcenter would list half of my games in red, as unusable, and the other half as yellow as partially useable.. but yet kawaks wouldn't notice any of em. So.. i go and i try to have romcenter fix it all and rename and do whatever it can and none of it worked. it would process fine but it would just make everything turn either Red or Grey after in romcenter.. tried in kawaks and still no good. it makes no sense. and i have tried many roms that people claimed to be legit.. I'm fairly experienced with emu's.. i was around when the first emu for neogeo came out. it seems like kawaks and nebula are just too friggin picky. every few months they change what they expect a rom to be. it makes no sense. i would have figured support for more varied kinds of roms would have been available. So i'm tired of this. what must i do to fix my romsets? i have no clue anymore what they are. all i know is nebula and kawaks 2 years ago played them all with no problems. Some of my romsets match those found on www.planetemu.net If you can get their version's to work with latest version of kawaks and nebula let me know how you did, cuz i have many of the same files. Like my version of maglord.zip is from there. check that one out and tell me.
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