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  1. i GOT INTO THAT vsh MENU AND ITS SET LIKE YOU SAID...BUT WHEN I TRY AND OPEN THE GAME IT GIVE ME THE "THIS GAME HAS BEEN MODIFIED FROM ITS ORIGINAL FORMAT (OR CLOSE TO THAT) THEN THE SCREEN GOES BLANK AND IT STAYS BLANK....IS IT BECAUSE THE GAME I COPIED IS A MULTI DISK GAME? I'm really getting frustrated...I wish i knew someone in my area that does this kind of thing... I followed all the steps....and i checked that menu you referred to....everything seems right, but the game just hanges before the PSX screen... I have a slim psp starwars battlefront edition... Centralpaguy69 on YIM if anyone can help walk me thru some troubleshooting....thanks alot!
  2. I'm really new to this homebrewing and I'm having trouble, I have the custom firmware 3.90 M33-2 on my psp slim, I made my full copy of Lunar SSSC and added it to my memory card but it seems to lock up when i go to start the game....Does anyone know the correct firmware to play the game properly? Also; i used Popsish v1.1 to make my game copy...
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