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  1. got my ps2 network adapter from gamestop 14.99 used and works great..found old computer hdd in closet and works great..only 19 gigabytes though,but my brother says he has some more so ill check them out later...


    a few questionssssssss.

    when online,u need a mic in order to here other people talk ? i wish i bought a mic from gamestop at the same time but got a dvd remote just for the fun of it-$2.99 and bought a multi-tap controll port with 4 joints for $7.99.next time ill get a mic..i have a logitech headset but its not a ps2 own....


    do u get ban in anyway like they xbox dose--please give detail....

  2. no -the hdd would be for hdadvance...game storage


    its a regular pc logitech headset with usb support..i know the ps2 jak racing game has headset support...so it has 2 be by ps2 only and no 3rd party headset?


    i know u cant use the slide card-sorry,but i was meaning some boot method 2 get it 2 play copy games...anything..?


    so games lower than 2004 can just go online...?without needing patching

  3. i got my swap magic coder 3.8 and slide card pro-- it works great on my ps2 fat....


    is there some way i could use my swap magic disc on my brothers slim ps2 and play copy game without ordering some toll for him as well...?


    iam going out 2 buy a network adapter from Game Stop for $14.00...

    can alot of copy games be played online ?


    can i simply use my usb logitech headset with microphone support -for online games ?


    i need a internal hard drive 2 work with my network adapter right ?


    if i go 2 [best buy] what 2 look for---like maxtor and seagate,exact features........


    (stepping out and will be back in soon)

  4. the install diagrams doesn't look hard 2 pull off,but i want 2 know -u just open the system get 2 the main mother board and place the wires in the whole an solder the heated iron in it right........iam gonna pull it of myself..matrix infinity mod-chip........on a fat or maybe a slim...

  5. but any of you came cross the solderless modchip for the PS2 --Created by the DMS Company?whats your idea on it...should i buy it..would u pick it over a soldering one....


    i also would like a little feed back on buyinging from consolesource.com



    i only come here and xbox-scene.com for info...so iam just looking in for advice...ThankSSSSSSSSSssssssss

  6. is DMS4 EZI S.E. Lite Solderless Mod Chip for the PS2 SLIM GOOD?


    IS IT really 100% solderless?


    is it popular?


    is ConsoleSource.com a good store to buy from? i went to DMS4 WEBSITE and looked at the stores they suggest 2 buy from-i bought from modchipman.com and Divineo.com before but they dont have this modchip,but ConsoleSource.com does..so i wanted 2 hurry and order it before my trip in the U.S ends...Please Help me

  7. i will try 2 install the latest XBMC as a dash so skip the skin questions.


    1.the 3 questions i wanna know is how 2 install dashboard like the (Halo2 SS) ms xbox dash located at allxboxskins.com or any dash.


    2.an if the xbox startup thing can be changed.


    3.my xbox storage info is saying C,D,E,F,X,Y,Z--TOTAL 9765MB


    C=499MB, E=4881MB, F=2134MB D=DVD-ROM an the others are 749mb each but i can't access them so is it possible 2 fix this-like putting all in 1 or at least in the sections i can use.please help

  8. for my dash i have XBMC


    [1.] build 1.1.0

    XBMC Comile date- jan 30 2006

    Mplayer Version MPlayer dev cvs -jan 11 2006.


    [2.] and a next XBMC AS A APP only

    build 1.1.0[v]jan 7 2005

    MPlayer jan 2 2005.


    heres the the ?'s-[1.] came from latest evox auto an [2.] came from a next auto installer +alot of streams-forgot the name anyway i need skins i would like [2.] as my dash but the skin is lame and the [1.] i have 3 skins 4 that but i want moooooorrrrre could u help me find compats-(compatible) 4 this [1.or 2]please.


    my next ?'s is how to install the halo design (Halo2 SS) ms xbox dash located at allxboxskins.com or any dash.


    oh 1 more thing-can the xbox startup thing be changed i think its call x-flubber or something.




    XBOX 1.6B XECUTER 2.6 solderless with evox M8 Plus(1.6)bios

  9. i just downloaded xbox-board.de_xbox_ultimate_4.0_Boot-cd and wanted 2 find out whats good about this.


    i have Auto.Installer.Deluxe.v3.0.Xbox-Hq install on my xbox.


    u can give me as much info if u like.



    Xbox online-xbox live say my console may have been modified so i'am not getting online but having these


    (xbox-board.de_xbox_ultimate_4.0_Boot-cd,Auto.Installer.Deluxe.v3.0.Xbox-Hq)can i fix that?and i have a old xbox that doesn't power on can something out of that system fix My online Problem.

  10. 1.do any1 know the best best yet easy to use ftp software to send files 2 an from the xbox?


    i just downloaded flashFXP but wont use it until i here what someone here suggest,i'am getting tired of burning files 2 a Disc then puttinging it on my Xbox.


    Xbox 1.6b with xecuter 2.6ce solderless +Auto.Installer.Deluxe.v3.0.Xbox-Hq Cd.(my Xbox Information)


    2.My old xbox isn't working (powering on)due 2 electric power problem but i was wondering could i be able 2 get the eeprom?i don't know much about the eeprom thing but the xbox i have know may have gotten banned from xbox live due to installing hacked dashboards an just having fun with the Auto.Installer.Deluxe.v3.0.Xbox-Hq stff.(LoL)it really doesn't matter if theres no way on getting back online because i have a big household and theres also system link every now an then but it doesn't hurt 2 ask.


    Hey *Prican25* long time no see-i only Favor 2 forums this and xbox-scene.i haven't been online in both forums 4 a long time but i'am back

  11. i flashed my xecuter 2.6 ce solderless with xapter 1.6 on my 1.6b xbox console


    so bank 1 has 3.03 flash bios and bank 2 has evox plus bios now and when i loaded the console with bank 1 it shows 3.03 flash thing and when loaded up with bank 2 it shows evox up in the top right corner,heres the problem.if i try to use a original xbox game it loads up the big x thing then freezes up there but if the mods off it goes to the game after the x thing.


    i don't know if i have a set of bad bios,even if i try something burned it will somewhat piontless until this problem is fix.thanks oh i also have the evox auto installer what i downloaded and it comes with alot of bios,wich is best for my xbox 1.6b console ?

  12. i see the xapter and it sure looks freaky.like some mind control object-laughing.

    anyway i have no choice but 2 get it so i might also order a programmer 2 flash my chip back 2 default an then 2 the hacked bios.


    i think i was told i could use evox 2 reflash my chip even if it was flash with the same thing on both banks.but i will use the programmer-more easy an safe.

  13. so all i need is a 1.6 xapter ?

    will it work on my 1.6b MB ?


    thats were i got my mod-chip from. modchipman.com-good place


    hey do u have halo2-so we could play online 2gether.


    java script:emoticon(':P')

  14. i finally got my xbox 3 days ago,those other days i used a ps2 slimline my brother bought for his car but gave it 2 me instead but now i also have a xbox-but the xecuter 2.6 ce solderless mod-chip doesn't work on my {crystal edition-version 1.6b motherboard}so could someone tell me whats the or 1 of the best mod-chip 4 this.PLEASE ----1 OF THE GREAT THINGS WITH THIS IS A SAMSUNG DVD DRIVE.YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO--


    Thinking mostly of solderless Mod-chips.

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