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  1. freinds was a great show i loved it

    i loved seinfield too still watch it 

    but friends was clearly more for an intellegent audience

    I thought it was the other way around. Or at least I always thought Friends was a show that women loved but men generally disliked.


    I won't miss friends at all ( the last show airs here at the end of the month) but my gf will be totally devastated as she is addicted to the show.

  2. It's pretty likely that it is just the game you are trying to play is more demanding on the drive but if you start getting weird disk spinning noises with all your games then it's possible that the GD-ROM motor is dying. It could be a bad burn but even some original games make crazy disk noise like Soul Calibur & Ecco the Dolphin. I seriously thought my Dreamcast was going to take off from the desk when I first played Ecco lol.


    Anyway is it a high pitched whistley or whiney kind of noise? Try turning your Dreamcast upside down and see if that makes any difference. You might have to clean/adjust the lens but it is pretty easy if you use some of the detailed guides out there.

  3. I had a few faves. I would say sensible software is my number one, mainly because they gave us Sensible World of Soccer & Cannon Fodder. Others would be Bitmap Brothers, Core, team 17, Psygnosis (thanks for killing them Sony), Microprose, Factor 5 (turrican II rules!!!), Lucasarts, Dino Dini, Gremlin, Delphine, Lucasarts and DMA design (now Rockstar North). Man, the Amiga was/is brilliant!!!!

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