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  1. Hi all I got the pleasure to announce you, in the name of all the project team, that a new dump group is born : ENES. To explain simply, our goal is to save missing NES games, and dump them. This is done reading data countained in cartidges to stock them under a numeric form, usually called rom. There's a real emergency to dump these games because cartidges' lifetime is limited and hardly knowable. Once that electronic components are destroyed, it's too late. Also, we were motived to create that group because it's european (but anyway not closed to all the world else !). Why european ? Simply because it's one of the places in the world where there's the most part of non-dumped games. With our particular geographic situation, we hope it'll make cartidge's quest easier and that it'll interest people. At the same time we created this group, we also opened a website which will gather every informations to know about ENES. Everyone can get involved into the project simply by submitting us a non-dumped cartidge. Just a click here to go on eNes official website. Our works will be presented on it regullarely. You'll also find a list of non-dumped games and the ones we saved. Finally, to celebrate this event a bit particular, we propose you our first dump : Swords and Serpents in its french version. While we are waiting for Cowering's agreement to integrate it in GoodNES, you'll be able to download it on (freely of course !) We hope this project will sensibilize game amateurs and will dynamize our old Europe Of course, we'll be pleased to answer your questions, here or on our webpage.
  2. I think that -c2 is a bad dump, 'cause when i suggested in Romshare Forums to use Zupapa's -m1 and -v1, i had full speed game, perfect controls, perfect sound (pochy and yaa's one), only graphics are quite good, but still scrambled... But i read on romshare, i read that there was a decrypted m1 on the web and a s1, does someone has the link ? Maybe it could help us... Thanks !
  3. As i told on the preview page, a few MVS games must be on sale this year ! And w're waiting too for Pchy & Nya ROM !
  4. I think you forget Pchy & Nya, that has been dump a few days ago, but unfortunately the ROM is not avaible on the web... And others MVS are going to be out this year : Dance Mix Revolution, Neo Puzzle or something like that...
  5. That's because the game seems cool i'd like to know if the game has already been dumped ! So if someone has any pictures, rumors, tell us !
  6. This is a puzzle game, simply try the name of this game on google et on the first or second website, there are 2 pictures ! It seems to be a nice puzzle-game.
  7. Hi all ! ^^ Everybody's thinking to KOF2k3 ROM, but just a few people know that Pochi & Nyya, a news neogeo game, is on sale since december ! Has anyone heard about some news on this dump ? Has it been dumped or no ? Is the dump avaible somewhere ? Thanks !
  8. Carnicero, you're perfectly right ! Every one can write its own driver, it's so easy, just copy/paste of a old game, and just change the CRC's... As you, i had to search on the web the DRIVER_INIT for mslug5, but i think it's the only game who gave some problems to me...CTHD2003 too, as long as it's a fu***g bootleg !
  9. In fact, i stopped yesterday to share this build. Because there was too many lamers on the website who were asking to me ROMs all the time... And this is the same reason for the drivers. So i keep it for myself now, maybe i'll share it later, but not for the moment because i'm fed up. But if i share it again, i'll keep you informed !
  10. I don't think I'm alone James ! I know that some people on emuforos do it too, but in france no many people do it... I add the same games as you, and try my build just a few to see the beautiful skin ! And the difference is that you make your build on Mame32 and me on Mame 32 Plus ! But it's cool not being alone to do it ! On my website, on the same page with Jmame32+, there's a pack made by a friend withn icons and others for all unlocked games as SVC etc...Don't hesitate For the ones who want the full pack for icons screenshots etc, it's on emule !
  11. That's a shoot that has been removed by the Mame team because it was released in 2001...But i added the driver again !
  12. Hi all ! ^^ I'm new here, i come from a french website : http://www.emunova.net, and i compile my own build of Mame : Jmame32+, i saw some people talking about it there. I inform you that you can download on this page : http://www.emunova.net/?cat=emulateurs&lib=35 My last version of Jmame32+ (0.78.2), wich lets you run perfectly : So have fun, even with the latest Neogeo ROM, Metal Slug 5, wich perfectly works ! I hope you'll find it cool... See you !
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