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  1. Thanks for your help. Dah well I guess that having only one emulator has drawbacks, but this is an acceptable one. IT's just too much hassle to switch back and forth in my arcade cabinet. James' version of Mame78b works fine with all the new games. I just need one file for Matrimelee for it to work 266-m1d.bin. But hopefully I'll get it soon.
  2. Thanks for the help Xeon but I'm trying to do it in Mame. What changes occur when you set it to console? is it true that you can do training modes in some games?
  3. I'm sorry but that wasn't too helpful. What menu? and how do you get to it? Thanks. I've pressed f2 and gone into the dip modes and such to turn on the blood etc, but I don't see a setting for console or arcade
  4. I've read somewheres that in some fighting games for neo-geo you can put them in console mode and they will have a training/practice mode or some will have endings etc. How do I switch the game from arcade to console mode? Thanks in advance
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