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  1. Well... I had this game since it was first release into the wild last week sometime... But I was just wondering if anyone in this forum would like to play it online. I would like to play vs people that I know (some of you I know don't think that just because I don't post I don't read).


    So if anyone owns this game and would like to play online please post your Halo nick and what time would you like to play. :unsure:

  2. With any of my girl friends (not girlfriends).... unless I'm hidding from all of them too, them I'm screwed.


    I love to just chill with one of them.... go to their house (or mine) and just watch a movie while eating something hot... (it's getting pretty cold here in chicago).


    I like to just drive on my car and race a few show offs. That always lifts my spirit. :unsure:

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