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  1. It did fit on the CD and thanks guys for the help
  2. I posted this prior because i kinda wouldnt want to waste a CD but ok i guess ill try to burn it first and then will repost to say if it does fit or no. The format is img + cue
  3. Umm hey, i want to know is it possible to still burn a PSX ISO file that is about 730mb when uncompressed using Alcohol with Playstation profile burning method. What i mean is does a file that is larger that 700mb fit on a CD that has 700mb capacity if i would use Playstation proifle with Alcohol whilst burning? Like does it compres the file or make it fit the disc? Im asking this because the Nightmare Creatures ISO i got is like around 730mb uncompressed and i want to play it on my PS2 Thanks
  4. Gah lol i did that but it keeps on giving me the PS2 blue disc and memory card screen, when i choose the PS2 disc it goes back to that screen again and by PSX disc you mean my burnt CD not an actual PSX disc? EDIT: Lol, after like restarting the PS2 10 times it worked. ^^ Thanks for your time
  5. Ok, choose the blue disc thingy and it goes back to the same screen again. Also i use SONY CD-R so i dont hink its the media problem. All my other games like the ahhem illegal pirate copies that i have bought do work sso could it be the laser lense?
  6. Hey, first of all im new here so hi people! Ok basically i have read other guides on here how to burn a PSX image/ISO on a CD and play it on PS2. Ive done everything i could find on here, used Alcohol120 Playstation Profile, then i browsed my files and wanted to burn DMW3 which has mds and mdf file, Alcohol only can see the mds file and so i chose that then because as far as I understand when i chose the mds it also takes mdf along. Then i used to burn it at a speed of 4x using Playstation profile. I enter it in my PS2 and all i get is the screen with Memory card and a blue (PS2) disc icons. And yes my PS2 is chipped although i dont know what chip it is because i bought it chipped. I know that it is chipped because i play other PS2 games that are not originals but like copies or whatever. Thanks in advance
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