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  1. Hi, does anyone know how a website such as IGN would get screen captures from current gen consoles?

    Does it involve a special device or a simple cable across to a PC? Obviously getting screen captures from old consoles such as the Megadrive and NES is easy because of emulators, but I am really keen on taking quality images from my PS2, Xbox, PS3, Wii etc.


    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    for xbox you need the xdk.. dont ask here for it though..

    heres an early pic of my dash back in the day..


  2. Yeah, i'm tyring it now...a little rough.

    Hmmm... Is there a recorder that is like, made for recording mugen games. I mean, what do those guys who record all those EVE demos use?


    when i make my mugen videos i use Fraps best one yet never skipped on me also hypercam2 is good for it

    isn't there a limit for sigs :D

  3. GLiTcH, that's an amazing looking skin.


    When it's finished would you be at all interested in having it be the FBA-XXX Pro default skin? (with full credit to you of course)


    Even if not I would still very much like it for my own use if you don't mind. :(


    yea no prob..

    also its esparade or whatever its called .. none working now.. the emu freezes


    ok, after testing the Others section, some games wont load or crashes xbox. they work finr under 480p n 480i

  4. I have another error to report...


    Metal Slug 6 (mslug3b6) has scrambled text. The game runs fine otherwise.

    mslug 6.. is that a hack of another mslug game..


    thraxen i'll send you the skin as soon as i finish it.. been kinda busy :rolleyes:



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