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  1. Well as the guy responsible for the site I won't compain at a good free bump Cheers RodJr88 All I need now is someone who can make me a banner for the site. Make it look a little smarter.
  2. Glad you liked it. You may want to consider bookmarking it as a huge update is in the works. Dead links will be removed and the number of sites is going to more than double. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. For those of you struggling to find roms and iso's for various systems take a look here. Link removed, see board rules - IJTF_Cinder You should be able to find most, if not all of the games you are looking for. If you have any links you would like to see added to the site either email me from the link on the page, or even better, join the forum and make a submission in there. I hope I am OK posting this link, but there didn't seem to be anywhere else on the forums where it could be posted, plus it is a web link. Hope this helps a little.
  4. If you don't like my answer, ignore it. You may have posted something similar but people are still requesting these roms, and that site has what they need. If a guy can't try and help people who are having problems without being abused then maybe it's time for me to find a new forum.
  5. It seems this forum is now just a place for requesting the same 7 games over and over. Metal slug 5, Snk vs Capcom, Samurai showdown 5, Rage of the dragons, Matrimelee, Crouching tiger and King of fighters 2002. When people aren't asking for the roms, they want to know how to set the games up, or where they can get cheats from, or if someone will go to their house and play the games for them I have found a site that carries just those games, plus a pre configured copy of Kawaks that will play them all, plus cheats for all the games except Metal slug 5. The site is not english, but is very easy to navigate, so get your arses over there and get what you are after, so we can maybe get some original rom requests. http://www.-Jorge Galvan's Site-.com/ I'm sorry if this has already been posted, but the same requests keep coming, so get em while you can And i'm sorry, but the site owner has helped all he can, and will not make home visits to play the games through for you. Have fun
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