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  1. Well, guys like i said it only hangs when using the UPDATES. Other than that it runs great.....till it freezes and i get the error screen. I put a link to the error screen on my original post.
  2. I still like to use Kazza lite, yeah yeah i dont want somebody to preach to me about spyware . Im trying to collect them all anyway. BUt hey it gets the job done most of the time, good enuff for me. I hate to go off topic but... Gamecop, if youre out there me and Quin could use some help down there in the Mugen forum. Anything would be appreciated.
  3. Yo Quin, I've read around and i think you basically need a vid card that has vesa, maybe you can find Vesa drivers for your card if there is that sort of thing.
  4. Well I got mugen running and it runs great on my XP setup. The problem Im having is that whenever I run mugen with VDM sound, it plays great but after a while it crashes on a pre fight loading screen. If I apply any of the updates to VDM Sound the program hangs on the "INITIALIZING KEYBOARD" part. I deceided to change my screenpack in case that was the prob, but it didnt fix the prob. But at least now i get an error screen! And I did a lil searching on the web and a japanese site had a pic of my problem. Check it out (ERROR 2). and let me know if anybody has any ideas. I hope Gamecop is reading, he seems very good at these things. the jap site(ERROR 2 PIC) http://tukiken.hp.infoseek.co.jp/muge/cr/q...anda/error.html thanks for any help guys.
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