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  1. i recently heard of the independence exploit for the ps2. i thought i was pretty knowledgeable about computer stuff till i read the instructions on how to exploit tha ps2. made me realize how little i know. anybody ever gotten their ps2 exploited and can offer me some help? im not sure if this folder was the right place for this. if its not my bad... im new here lol
  2. thanks to a little help from a friend i finally got my nulldc to work. it runs some games perfectly, but ive been having some trouble wth marvel vs. capcom 2 and dead or alive 2. in marvel vs. capcom the game emulates fine until it gets to the actual fight. then it slows down. in dead or alive, the same thing happens. is there any way i can remedy this? i had to use 3danalyze to emulate my TnL bcus i have an intel duo processor. r there any settings on 3danalyze that can help?
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