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  1. I have had this problem quite often but this is the first time I cannot overcome it. I am near the end of the water temple where you must fire at the golden eye to remove the cage and then hookshot. This is the area where you cannot stand directly infront of the bullseye because there is a space there presumably so you cannot jump to this area where the cage is. Anyways I cannot get past this point because I cannot aim to hit the hookshot. I click the arrow keys and it takes me either to the left too far or to the right too far. The same with the up and down arrow keys. Does anyone have a similar problem and find a solution? My best guess is to just make the keys more sensitive. I do lightly press them as to see if I can aim at the bullseye but it takes so long that by that point the cage has come back up NEW********* This was my old problem. Thank you for your help it solved my problem. but before I used your idea i was resorting to other measures. I tried enabling some of the cheats that the emulator gives you. I tried using the walk through all objects to just get past the gate. For some reason this didn't work, but once I loaded again it did. Now i walk through everythiung and it is completely annoying and makes me not want to play anymore. I've tried turning it off. Loading over a again. etc but every time I do this no matter whether the cheat is on or off I walk through everything. Any ideas on how to help?
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