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  1. I have a regular usb control pad, and it accepts the inputs from it, and I've used it since at least 1.47, so it should work. Does your pad work with other emulators or games? perhaps the port is screwy or something. Try updating kawaks anyways, and see if that is the problem.


    It works with an updated version of WinKawaks thanks

  2. I occasionally get this error saying: Error requesting server list!


    I've tried closing and opening again but that doesn't work


    I've tried deleting and reinstalling Mame but that too doesn't work


    My firewall is off and I use Mame32K0.64en with Kaillera v0.9



  3. What do you mean by pad inputs via USB? If windows supprts USB HID devices, you can be sure that most Windows applications support it too.


    I was using a an old version of winkawaks the other day and wanted to use my PS2 pad via a USB convertor. But when I went to Redefine Keys it wouldn't recognise any buttons on my pad, so I had to play with my keyboard which kinda sucks. I wanted to know does any of the later version support USB. I think I had version 1.47.

  4. Sol - (GG series)


    Zero - (Megaman Zero series & Megaman X series)


    Iori - (KoF series)


    Sonic - (Sonic series)


    Viewtiful Joe - (Viewtiful Joe series)


    Cloud - (Final Fantasy series)


    Rock - (Garou: MOTW series)


    Kilik - (Soul Calibur series)


    Lion - (Virtua Fighter series)

  5. Hi, I'm a Guilty Gear nut! :lol: and I'm looking to import the Japanese PS2 version, I just can't be arsed to wait for the PAL version, which isn't even announced! :angry:


    I've heard that Reload has cutscenes in the story mode, what are the cutscenes like? are they stills or animated? also are the subtitles in English or Japanese? finally how would u rate Reload, good/bad?


    Appreciate the help.


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