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  1. yeah, and i know that the Emu's aren't 100% yet, but I figure there has to be other people out there playing with the same problem. I thought hopefully someone had a solution...
  2. Thats part of the game? cause I watched a vid on youtube, and the screen didnt go totally white like mine did... but it doesnt matter, it works now... sept the part im at... :-s... dang thing keeps freezing... heh
  3. Well I fixed it, if anyone else has that problem, all you have to do is use Defog, and the white screen eventually goes away... !!... but now im having another problem haha ... ive gotten to the Team galaxy boss ontop of the mountain, and when i beat his 2 capains, it flashes to Dialga and freezes. It doesnt respond or anything. I tried replaying it, and got the same result... heh... not fun...
  4. I am about half way done with the game (been working great for me) just got past the psyducks in the road, when all of a sudden the top screen went white. So ive been playing for about 2 hours and didn't want to redo that 2 hours, so I saved the game, exited, and started the game back up. To my surprise the top screen was still white, and continues to be white no matter how many times I try to load it. I even tried a different Rom...The weird thing is when I push start the Pokemon, bag, save etc list comes up that I can see... Can anyone help me fix this white screen please?
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