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    Key pmapping?

    I need help. I want to play Cave Story with my DS, but in the game you can't manually configure keys, so I was wondering if it's possible to change what keys the DS' buttons are assigned to. Thanks in advance. EDIT: No, not the incomplete Cave Story DS, but the PC Cave Story via DS2Key.
  2. Sabre36


    once you've connected and confirmed yout server port and profile you'll be on the control screen (where it says "last revieved" at the top) at the bottom is should say "PC IP: [ip address]". next to it it says "Edit". on your computer access your wireless router properties then go to the "support" tab. there will be the ip address for the router you are using. on the ds, press "Edit" and change your ip address accordingly. now it should your. when you press a key the imformation should appear in the DS2Key window. Yeah, that worked! Thanks!
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    I'm having the exact same problem >.> Anyone care to help?
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