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  1. OK great Awesome emulator BTW.
  2. garou.rar Hi tried raster / speedhacks on/off still black screen round 3
  3. Hello again I just noticed a bug that if battle goes to third round on Terry Bogarts stage you get a black screen. BTW is it possible to launch games with launchbox if so can anyone share there settings.
  4. mappy123

    Bubble Bobble

    Thank you for your time and effort looking into and fixing this issue. I use a Linx 8 tablet I got for £60 with a ds4 connected to it with a GCM10 mount and it's a awesome retro handheld thanks to Raine, now time to get 2 million plus on bubble bobble. Ohh...Blazing Star level 1 boss - sky scrolling jerky.........sorry if I'm a pest.
  5. mappy123

    Bubble Bobble

    I`ve done more testing & found that reset occurs when there is slowdown in the game mainly level 9 with rapid bubbles and level 11 any ideas? bublbobl.rar
  6. mappy123

    Bubble Bobble

    Raine 32 0.64.5 When I'm playing I get a reset to title screen with music still playing ,,,,,,,,mostly happens on round eleven using SDl default / OpenGL. Anybody else suffer this and are there settings to avoid this? Thanks
  7. Just a couple of bugs i`ve noticed in ver 1.28 outzone...default difficulty very high and altering it in dipswitch setting makes no difference pbobblen...sound when launching bubble`s missing also missing in clone outzoneb...enemies invisible at moving platforms on level 4
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