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  1. where do u find those desktops at? they look neat
  2. hi im new and i just like to talk about games and strats i play alot of games and i have for a long time. i use to make website and forums myself for games like wc3 and sc i was playin those games for years. well anyways yea... im just here to talk and have a good time
  3. i dont know i liked the 1st 2 i never seen the 3rd 1 but it cant be too bad
  4. i heard about sc 2 it looks like an interesting game to play and when it comes out im going to prob buy it
  5. well anyways illl keep posting and stuck to this forum because it seems like a good 1 and hopefully someone will post in my section
  6. what is this game u r inventing it sounds pretty cool
  7. does any1 know about new games that will be coming out or soon to be coming out or have any gaming strats for online games?
  8. i figured it out i just got the net back on my comp so ill figure everything out agian
  9. how do u do ur profile i havent used a forum in a long time
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