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  1. Thanks for the clarification. So if I understand well, I need to write a correct preamble+header in my raw packet before sending them so the packet is accepted by the hardware? I suspected something with the raw packet send as I capture seemed to work well (captured same frames as with a pc) but I couldn't find a trace of the packets I sent.
  2. Hi, I'm working on DS<>DS communication (without any PC)... I'm using my own packet handler with: Wifi_RawSetPacketHandler(myHandler); and I have set the DS to receive every wifi packet: Wifi_SetPromiscuousMode(true); Then I use Wifi_RawTxFrame(256, 0x000A, (u16*)msg) to send my raw packets. Now I have some question about this: I read somewhere that in order to capture every single packet without any filtering and sending "true" raw packets, I need a special setup of the wifi regs, is that true or the above functions are enough? When capturing raw packets, are even the malformed packets captured or only packets with 802.11 valid preample/headers/CRC? When sending raw packets, are the packets somehow modified by the wifi hardware? Thanks a lot.
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