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  1. ... heh heh I LOVE YOU FILEMIRRORS.COM http://perso.wanadoo.fr/shadowroom/Ikaruga...DI.Bootable.rar
  2. no you only have 4 continues (unless your in practice mode)... i have only beaten this game once (and i am a god in vertical scrollers) so good luck all... and if you do beat it... SNAPIT heh heh
  3. hi all this is kinda request but it does relte to dc emulation in its purpose i am a huge vertical scroller fan (i mean i beat Mars Matrix withoout gettin hit once) an i really need the http link for ikaruga (its 17mbs or sumthin like that so if this could be done thanks and if not a torrent link will be fine ** thanks in advanced -SSJKullilin
  4. umm... SONIC HEROES?????? for DC wtf... i want it BAD can i get a link for... ANYTHING (torrent ed2k whatever) how... why... i am so confused
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