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  1. would playing games at 333mghz work better than 222 for world rally?
  2. ok i downoaded the link you gave me and installed, i followed the instructions as you told me and it restarted with a different background saying psp hacks, but the game will not load. I noticed in the fw version in devhook it only went up to 2.71 does that matter?. thanks for you time so far im sorry i suck at this but please bare with me.
  3. PSP-Hacks has the files you need: http://www.psp-hacks.com/category/37 WOW you are a freak at this, but i noticed you mentioned install 2.6 firmware, i am currently on 2.71
  4. here is one for you, i am running 2.71 on a TA-082 and installed henc and ran devhook for 2.71 i chose fw 1.5 and it rebooted fine, i then selected umd emulator and choose my iso i wanted to play, it was brothers in arms, It then said i had to update my virsion to 2.81 to play, should i do this to play and after i played it, do a hard reboot, will my psp be back to 2.71 or will it remain 2.81 ?
  5. PSP-Hacks has the files you need: http://www.psp-hacks.com/category/37 Sorry i am a noob at this, i went to the web site and was confused, could you please explain it a little better as to which one or which dumper i download? im so worried abot bricking my psp.
  6. Afterward, copy Devhook (devlauncher271.rar) onto the memory stick and get the decrypted 1.5 files from somewhere (if you need them PM me). Place them in ms:\dh\150\ Could i pleas have these files or where can i get then from????
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