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  1. Thanks for your replys I have SONIC, NERO, DiscJuggler and Alcohol 120%... Should I rip it with DiscJuggler like any CD? Is there anything else I need to do? Because for example, when I burned a disc the last time, I used Alcohol 120% and set it on the options to RAW/DAO and I just inserted the game to my DC and it would selfboot... This backup CD-R of Sonic Adventure 2 is selfboot, and I'd like to keep that (I hate using boot disks LOL). So, DiscJuggler is the way to go? I just rip it like any CD?
  2. I have a backup copy of Sonic Adventure 2 in a CD-R. What I want to do is rip the game from the CD-R, and burn it again... Though I don't know how to do this in a way that It guarantees me it'll work 100%. The reason I need to do this is that my Sonic Adventure 2 CD-R is in a really bad state... so I want to make another copy out of it. Can anybody help me in here? Whats the best way of making a proper image from it so I can burn it again? Thanks!
  3. I'll guess i'll eventually will have to check out some forums and news to see if a new version was released or a brand new emulator... since there is no way i'm gonna be able to get a dreamcast arround here.
  4. Does anybody know if is there gonna be any new release of demul?
  5. Well I have a laptop.... thats the problem. And I have no money to get a desktop (this laptop was a gift) and BTW, I recently tried playing in DEmul.... things work just fine, the problem is that it only runs at 18 FPS... Some minimal texture errors though. I had to use Open GL to make it work lol
  6. I understand now. According to a friend of mine, it's not possible to change my graphics chip unless I change the motherboard and some other stuff. Do you have idea of what laser I can get for my dreamcast??? would a DVD laser work?? Because not in hell I will be able to get a laser for a dreamcast.
  7. I have a Dreamcast, bad thing is that I don't have any memories to save the game... But the thing is it started to work slower slower slower and slower..... until there was a point that while playing a game it just froze loading a level and dang. Me and my friend dismanteled the dreamcast and we cleaned it..... thing is we prolly f*cked up the laser and the system now can never read a CD or a GD-ROM in its life. I live in Argentina, and getting a Dreamcast is impossible.. Speaking of VMUs, i went to this place that has rare items and they wanted to sell me a normal VMU for 100 bucks (equivalent to 33 US Dollars) This is the main reason i tried emulating dreamcast games on this computer. Too bad Chankast or any type of emulation works with integrated chips, knowing that aprox. 68% of the computers in the world have integrated chips/cards.
  8. I have played PC games on this laptop, they work just fine. If I can't emulate anything on Chankast, is this mostly the graphics chips fault or the emulators fault for not being able to work properly with integrated graphic chips?
  9. Yes, I have an Intel GMA 915 or something like that so this is the problem? God, i wish i had at least an nvidia geforce. This Intel card sucks.
  10. Hello, i have problems with the graphics too but at least yours arent as bad as mine. I can barely play Sonic Adventure 2 like this. heres a screenshot. Anybody knows why the graphics show like this??? I'm running the game from a copied CD, is this the problem?
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