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  1. Zenitsu

    ds2key 0.6 problem

    OH i get what you mean now. the PC IP: must be changed when in the subtext menu. okay i didn't know I had to do that. Thanks! it works now.
  2. Zenitsu

    ds2key 0.6 problem

    yes it is my ip. But if it says i'm connected then why are my wfc settings wrong?
  3. Hi there, I have an error message when i try to use the new 0.6 version. I got the whole wfc to work, it says i'm connected. But when I get to the subtext menu, I get a weird message when i try to press any buttons. I have already set the configuration file and booted up the windows app ds2key.exe the message is "ARP: request IP 0202A8C0" I'm not sure what this means or how to fix the problem, ds2key 0.4 works fine for me tho. Any suggestions? Thanks! -Z
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