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  1. Okay, well... ever since I got WinXP like a year ago, I've been waiting for a time when I can finally put my 4gb MUGEN folder to good use again! And now I can! I think. Here's my system specs and my problem: 3.0ghz P4 processor Intel MoBo w/ 800mhz fsb PNY Verto GeForceFX 5650 8x AGP 256mb video card SoundBlaster Live! card w/ front mounted input box 1GB PC2700 DDR RAM Now, whenever I try to run Mugen (through mwc.exe or otherwise) at it's native resolution, the screen goes black and I have to exit manually. When I try to run any resolution at 24 bit color, I get the "change resolution to 640x480x16?" screen. I type "y" but the keyboard won't respond to any input EXCEPT for the windows button, which I need to again exit manually. Am I missing something? The only other problem I have is that it won't detect my soundcard, but I plan on using VDMsound for that once I get this all fixed. Any options anyone can offer me would be greatly appreciated. I miss Evil Ken's insane combo madness!
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