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  1. Hi! first of all thanks for this wonderful app, it works perfectly and I'm still amazed to see there's no lag and that it's a perfectly viable solution to replace a game controller. But, I've encountered a problem. I wanted to play PES with my brother, and we have just one gamepad (a sidewinder) so I used your program to make one of our DS act as a gamepad. But the sidewinder lacks one button (more than one in fact, but one more would be just fine), so I said, why not use our 2 DS's as gamepads? And there comes my question (after a quite long introduction, sorry...) : is it possible to make Windows believe that the DS is a gamepad, because PES is very dumb and only accept gamepad input for more than one player. I've tried http://www.geocities.com/deonvdw/Docs/PPJoyMain.htm but I've got some strange problems with one key. Thanks for your help!
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